There’s a nationwide movement taking place amongst businesses. It’s time to ditch the suit and tie, throw on a pair of sneakers, and crack open a cold brew when 4 pm rolls around.  What happened to the straight laced corporate office parties full of structure, policy, and codes of conduct?  Beer Pong happened.

A swarm of companies have developed a new style of relaxed company culture by embracing the personal values of comfort, entertainment and sociability.  Take a look at the community that is being built behind C5 Beer Pong table play in the office.

The C5 Beer Pong mission is to play an integral role in the growth of Beer Pong beyond the collegiate level.  On a professional level.  On an entertainment level. On a social level.

The importance of how to create and cultivate an incredible company culture was emphasized by Technori:

When building and maintaining a successful business, it’s critical to create employee engagement, empowerment, and high morale. Your team is your best asset, getting things done and creating raving fans in the community. Sure, having a ping-pong table, white-board walls, and a game system are fun; but including a smart office design with a clear set of values and norms that actively guide the way a company operates, can create and build a strong, flourishing company culture.

C5 had the pleasure of building a strong company culture in the offices of Braintree in Chicago.  The event introduced professionals from all over the city to a new style of play in the office.