The C5 Story

The C5 Beer Pong table started in a place far from where we are today, the world leader in quality custom beer pong tables.  Beer pong was born decades ago in the Universities of America as a new skill game that  was social, competitive, and fun.  Every party in every state would soon have two teams racking together ten red cups in hopes of sinking each ping-pong ball in their opponents cups, with a chance to re-rack and play again.

C5, or Chippewa Five, is rooted in the same origins as the game itself.  Years before becoming the game’s most innovative design company, we built our first beer pong table in a garage using the same materials available to all the do-it-yourselfers out there today.  Construction site plywood, a rusty box of nails, and a few cans of spray paint.

C5 Batman Table

The Original C5 Batman Table still holds it down as own of the top custom beer pong tables today.  Shared daily, she still manages to  make appearances on “Top Lists”, despite being retired and cremated years ago.  We learned a few things from our first homemade project that would help fuel the direction and vision of our future company.

  • Whether you play for sport or game, beer pong is growing at a rate that even Batman can’t stop.
  • It can get messy! There needs to be a designated table for beer pong other than a door, dining, or ping-pong table.
  • Cut-outs for your cups help reduce spill and allow for a perfect 10-rack every time.
  • Beer Pong has outgrown makeshift plywood and cheap plastic tables.
  • The only person more Badass than Batman is Michael Jordan.



The Second C5 Beer Pong Table commemorated the Chicago Bulls Dynasties of the 1990s.  While beer pong was beginning to spread from East Coast Ivy Leagues to West Coast Colleges, MJ and the gang were on the same course. Los Angeles, Portland, Phoenix, Seattle, and Salt Lake all fell to Chicago, right while our beer pong dynasty was beginning to take shape.

The Chicago C5 Beer Pong Table marked an advancement in beer pong technology.  It was collapsable and light weight, perfect for transport and easy clean-up.  We graduated from plywood to stronger hardwoods and realized the innovation and customization in beer pong was lacking.

Our third beer pong table design was the culmination of years in woodcraft, thousands of games, and a new mission.


The Original Custom Beer Pong Table

To design the first custom beer pong table fit for the world’s stage. Lights. Camera. Action.


Since 2011 C5 Beer Pong has been supplying the next generation of Beer Pong players with the highest quality tables ever produced.  Each table is handcrafted and assembled using domestically grown poplar wood.  Opposing players face off over two auto-rack triangles, cut out with machine precision and illuminated with state of the art LED lighting.  Atop dining quality cast iron table bases sits a minimalistic design, where form meets function.


In addition to the snipers, the bounces, the behind-the-backs, we are proud to introduce the newest shot to the beer pong arsenal.

 “The Skeet-Shot”


Reinventing the Game

Today, we continue to innovate and continuously improve our product with your help, our customers.  We take pride in supplying the world’s beer pong enthusiast with 100% unique works of art.  From one, to ten, to hundreds, each C5 beer pong table is shaped by the imagination of the individual.  Whether you are a culture conscious company looking to spice up the office, a bar in need of new excitement, or the player who is ready to help C5 change the nature of the game, start designing your beer pong table here.

Join us as we set out to change the nature of the game and build the future of Beer Pong. One C5 Beer Pong Table at a time.