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Our Custom Beer Pong Table Designs

Rahul Choudhary

Beer pong is one of the most popular games played at house parties, on college campuses, bars, and more. The rules can vary, and the number of rounds you play can go from “let’s play a game” to battling for the championship.

No matter where you play beer pong, or who you play with, it’s the surest way to make new friends, socialize, and test your skills at a beloved game where even when you lose, you still get to enjoy yourself.

Despite how many people are fans of beer pong, most just play the game on what they have available. This includes everything from plastic folding tables, to ping pong tables and pieces of plywood. However, if you want to play the game seriously, without worrying about uneven table legs and other discrepancies like sliding cups on a slanted platform, a custom-made beer pong table may be just the thing you’re looking for!

Personalize The Playing Field

At C5 Beer Pong, our love of beer pong inspired us to find a way to make the game even more fun. With our custom beer pong table designs, you can elevate your beer pong matches, impress your friends, and turn each game and tournament into a more exciting experience.

Our tables are specially designed to provide the best platform and space for a game, including spots to set ping pong balls and cups so they don’t fall or roll away. Our tables also offer superior balance and support, and different leg styles and finishes to create the look you want.

Our customization options allow customers to create designs that reflect their tastes and style. From ebony tabletops and color changing LED lights, to personal artwork, company logos, and themes, you have endless options to choose from at C5 Beer Pong!

Elevate The Game – Design Your Beer Pong Table Today

If you love beer pong as much as we do, and you are looking for cool beer pong table designs to elevate the game for yourself and your friends, reach out today with your custom design plan and allow us to bring your vision to life!

Whether you want to invest in a table for summer barbeques and holiday parties at home, gift a custom table to your team at work for in-office get-togethers, or provide patrons at your bar or restaurant with a cool new way to play their favorite game, our designers have you covered.

Contact us today with your ideas, and let C5 Beer Pong make your dream table into a reality!