C5 BEER PONG | Custom beer pong tables designed for the bar, restaurant, office & home
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Customizable Beer Pong Tables


Long Lasting LED Lights

Whatever color gets you going, we’ve got you covered. Pick from a variety of long lasting LEDs to accent your beer pong table!

Hidden Cup & Ball Storage

Keep your table looking sleek and clean while never worry about losing your cups or balls with our hidden storage compartment.

Fully Customizable Design

You design it. We build it. Customize your table with your favorite, logo, pattern or any other crazy design you might think of.

Delivered to Your Door

Once you design your table all you have to do it sit back and relax – we’ve got you covered with delivery to your door.

Our Story

In addition to the snipers, the bounces, the behind-the-backs, we are proud to introduce the newest shot to the beer pong arsenal. We strive to reinvent the game. Innovative ideas like the “Skeet Shot” is how we do it.

C5 and Steve Aoki

C5 was hired by Steve Aoki to create a sleek and sexy table for his amazing label Dim Mak. The end result was something that made heads turn, with an all black and chromed out look. Big shout out to Steve and Dim Mak!


Who Plays C5 Beer Pong?

C5 is proud to have provided custom beer pong tables to these amazing customers and many more!