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Collapsable Beer Pong Tables in Chicago | So How Do I Play Beer Pong?

Jake Stuba

There comes a time in everyone’s life to take an important rite of passage — winning your first game of beer pong. Let us walk you through a stripped-down guide on how to set up your first match with ease.

What do I need?

Beer pong is a pretty simple game, with everything but the table available at a corner store. You’ll need:

  • A bare minimum of 22 plastic cups. Red Solo cups are a classic, but feel free to customize.
  • A 24-pack should be more than suitable for a couple hours of matches.
  • 2 ping pong balls. Pick up spares if you can in case one rolls under the fridge.
  • A surface to play on. Collapsible beer pong tables work best.

How do I set up a game?

To start, get your beer pong table ready by racking your cups. Each team should have a four-cup-wide pyramid with the bottom nearest their side of the table. Fill these ten cups with beer an inch or two full. Each side should have a cup off to the side filled with water.

What’s next?

Beer pong is usually played two-versus-two. The teams will take turns, with each player getting one chance to land their ball into one of the other team’s cups. Their elbows must not pass the edge of the beer pong table when they do so. For the defending team, they can deflect a ball if it has bounced once – otherwise, they can’t interfere.

If you make a cup, then the defending team has to remove the ball and pull that cup carefully from the table to drink. After the enemy team has taken both shots and given you the two balls back, make sure you give them a quick splash in the water cup to clean them off. Nobody wants a ball that went under a couch to end up in your next cup to drink.

How do I win?

The first team to make all cups wins, and is welcome to defend their title from any successive opponents. Every group has their own house-rules, so play around to figure out which ones you like the most.

While you can play beer pong on many surfaces, the best games are played on C5 Beer Pong tables. Learn more about our customizable beer pong tables at

7163 W. Grand Avenue, Chicago, Il 60707
[email protected]

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