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Beer Pong

The beer pong community has been limited to college dorm rooms and frat house parties for decades.

C5 has set out to build a new evolving community of beer pong players that includes bars, restaurants, corporate offices, and retirement homes. There’s no reason grandma shouldn’t enjoy the sheer joy of a double overtime win on a roll-back celebrity shot.

Okay, the beer pong community is not quite there yet, but C5 has broken the barriers that limited beer pong to sticky closet doors and collapsable plastic. Today, more than ever, beer pong is being played in local bars and during company happy hours.

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community image

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Beer Pong Tables

Hundreds of businesses have helped C5 build the highest quality beer pong tables.

We work closely with our clients to create beer pong tables that enhance the ambiance of a room, entertain customers, and define a strong company culture. It all starts by filling out a C5 Customization Form, and ends with a perfect product and beer pong table.

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What Our Clients Say About Us?

C5 was hired by Steve Aoki to create a sleek and sexy table for his amazing label Dim Mak. The end result was something that made heads turn, with an all black and chromed out look. Big shout out to Steve and Dim Mak!

Steve Aoki

Dim Mak Records


We cherish the relationships with the businesses and people that have embraced the new C5 style of beer pong tables.

Here are a handful of C5 customers that are helping change how, when, and where beer pong is being played. We look forward to adding you to our growing beer pong community of family and friends!

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