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Custom Beer Pong Tables | 4 Beer Pong Variations

Jake Stuba

Every college student or 20-something has played beer pong at some point. The rules are simple, you set up your cups on your favorite collapsible beer pong table from C5 Beer Pong and work to clear your 10-cup pyramid by landing a beer pong ball in each cup. And while everyone may have their own house variations, we wanted to share some of our favorites with you.

1. Death Cup

This is a popular variant. The main rules are the same, except that when you pick up a cup of beer to drink, it is deemed the death cup. Then, the opposing team tries to land a ball in the cup whilst you drink. If your opponent is successful in landing a ball before you empty the cup, the game is over. So your best options are to quickly down the beer or try to cover the top of your cup at all times.

2. Balls Back

This is an almost universally accepted rule variation. You set your beer pong table as normal and both you and your partner take your shots. If both members on your team successfully sink your shots, you immediately get the balls back, skipping the opposing team’s turn.

3. Re-Racks

The ever-disputed re-rack rule. We recommend that everyone agrees to the re-rack rules before the first game commences. The most universally accepted rules allow a re-rack only occur after at least 4 cups have been eliminated and limit re-racks to only twice per game. Re-racks can only be requested before you begin your next turn. The shape of re-racks is often restricted. Most commonly the traditional pyramid is allowed, but alternatives include squares and a straight line (for the final 2 cups).

4. The Skill Shot

Also referred to as Island, this challenging rule allows a player to aim for a specific cup that is not touching any others. The player must declare they are aiming for the skill shot cup before shooting in order for the rule to apply. If the player successfully sinks the ball, the opponents must drink two cups of beer instead of the customary one cup. Like all variants, the boundaries of this variant should be established before starting the game. Many people will limit the skill shot play to only once per game, while others do not limit but instead penalize you for hitting the wrong cup by drinking one of your own beers as a penalty.

If you’re ready to up the ante at your next party, bring one of these variants to the table. And bring your party to the next level with a customized C5 Beer Pong Table. Custom made here in Chicago, we can make the beer pong table of your dreams incorporating your favorite colors, sports teams, or rec room theme.

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