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How to Design Your Own Beer Pong Table


Beer pong has quickly become an American staple that has expanded from dorm rooms and frat house parties to bars, restaurants, and even the occasional wedding venue. Long gone are the days of playing beer pong on shabby, makeshift tables built from plywood and old nails.

The look of your beer pong table has become just as important as playing the game itself. Therefore, spare yourself the embarrassment of a rundown table thrown together in your garage and create a customized beer pong table that will remain party worthy for years to come.

Decide on a Theme – Customize Your Own Beer Pong Table

A great looking beer pong table doesn’t have to be elaborate. It should, however, reflect your personality, or for business purposes, be brand focused. For instance, sports bars may want to reflect their support for the hometown teams. And fraternities often choose to display their name. However, individuals might focus on a favorite pastime or interest, such as an anime series or video game obsession. Use your imagination – there are literally limitless possibilities!

Custom Table Created by C5 Beer Pong Customized beer pong table with blue LED lights and custom graphics.

Creating Custom Beer Pong Tables Since 2011

Now that you have your perfect beer pong design in mind, you are probably wondering how to transform your ideas into reality. Not to worry, C5 has you covered!

You can design your own custom beer pong table in about 3 minutes with our simple 4 step process. Choose from an assortment of finishes, color of LED lights, leg styles, and even upload artwork to be printed on your table to create an awesome addition to your next get together. For more information on C5 Beer Pong or if you just want to reach out to say hello, call us at 708-420-3291 or fill out our online form.