Natural Beer Pong Table


The C5 Beer Pong Table is designed to transcend dark closets and pull beer pong out from under the bed and into the center of conversation. The new stylistic element introduces the “skeet-shot” and is changing how, when, and where beer pong is being played.  Please visit our Customization page to explore the hundreds of color options available to design your unique C5 Beer Pong Table.

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  • C5 Beer Pong tables are constructed of domestically grown Poplar wood. Each table is finished with a 3 phase process that completely seals the wood from liquids and enhances the table’s natural grain through the full spectrum of colors.
  • Our Light-emitting diodes are at the forefront of electrical technology. Select from an array of colors that will shine bright for over a decade at low voltage.
  • C5 table bases are dining quality cast iron. Selected for durability and design. Each color leg is electro-statically applied using a thermoset polymer that creates a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.
  • Visit our Customize page to add your own logo on the center of your C5 Beer Pong Table.